Norway: Fjords, brown cheese and Ms. Ellen

Norway – Fjords, brown cheese and Ms. Ellen

We flew from Stockholm to Bergen, our first stop, in less than an hour. It’s really amazing how close things are in Europe. Bergen is the former capital of Norway and the “gateway to the Fjords.” It’s good to mention that you cannot actually see “real” Norwegian fjords from Bergen (postcard fjords are a 4 hour boat ride north). Our first day in Bergen was spectacular! With the sun shining, we toured the local fish market to sample the local fair and collect a few things for a picnic dinner atop Fløyen mountain, the highest point in the city. The vehicular whisked us to the top of the mountain and our feet provide the transportation down. Bergen receives an average of 330 rain days a year… wow! This condition makes the woodland dense with life, almost like a tropical rain forest. We walked slowly down the mountain and stopped at a lookout to enjoy the outstanding view and our equally amazing smoked salmon (the best I’ve ever had).

Bergen Photo's

Bergen Photo’s

Our two night stay in Bergen was also marked by interesting sleeping arrangements. DUS & I stayed in a 32 person mixed dorm, YMCA hostel. As most of you know, this was not my first time sleeping in a squad bay. But, it was for DUS…She insisted on sleeping in the top bunk, but little did she know there would be a bright light in her face for the entire night!!! I had my sleeping system and was doing just great in my little cubby in the bottom bunk :). I have since decided that this is not the way to spend a two day vacation with your significant other. Shared hostels are for guy’s trips, not romantic getaways!

Bergen Photo's

Bergen Photo’s

From Bergen, we traveled to Oslo on the most spectacular train ride I’ve ever taken. The trip afforded an amazing view of the Norwegian landscape from lakes to glaciers. This ride alone was worth the trip (and was more expensive than our plane tickets…)

Bergen to Oslo Train

Bergen to Oslo Train

In Oslo, we were greeted by a special sign and our good friend Ellen. We very excited to be in Norway, but Norway with Ms. Ellen was a special treat! Our two days trip included: the new Opera house, downtown tour, Viking ships, Museums and amazing parks. Our accommodations in Oslo were first class – nothing is better than staying with friends! Ellen’s family opened their home to us and we enjoyed brown cheese, big shrimp and special licks from Scott the Norwegian dog :)! I was also treated to a pro soccer game with Ellen’s dad, very cool!

Oslo Photo's

Oslo Photo’s

Norway is an amazing country; I will definitely return to see the fjords and hopefully some ski jumping!

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One thought on “Norway: Fjords, brown cheese and Ms. Ellen

  1. sherry

    i enjoyed the read thanks i was one for the first kid to go to norway with the oil rigs my dad name was T.M.Montgomery he road the first rid from us to norway i lived there for about 15 years thanks again was a great place to grow up stavanger norway

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