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“Welcome To Sweden”

A new TV series hit the Swedish airwaves this spring called Welcome to Sweden which has definitely raised an eyebrow by this American living in Sweden.  It’s described as a comedic view of Greg Poehler‘s life experience, having moved to Sweden to marry and live with a Swedish woman almost a decade ago (seven years to be exact). The show basically chronicles the funny, awkward and downright weird experiences of an American guy moving to Sweden.

The show has now been launched on NBC in the United States with the first showing on July 10, 2014. I won’t go into a critical review of the show but I can say that it touches many of my own experiences living in Sweden, many of which I have described in the American Norseman blog over the last 5 years (I’m waiting for the royalty check). So far the reviews have been pretty good with the L.A. times describing it as it “the best thing to happen to broadcast-network comedy since Modern Family.

If you’d like to get a small glimpse of what it’s like to live in Sweden as an American make sure you DVR/TIVO Welcome to Sweden.

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