Where I’ve been


3 thoughts on “Where I’ve been

  1. Diana Zuluaga

    I stumbled upon your blog and I just wanted to say, you have to travel to Latin America! It will change your life. Guaranteed.


  2. Mike

    Hej !! Just wated to say that I agree wholly with your Norway vs. Sweden analysis. To me (a US expat living in Scandinavia) there is virtually no difference between the country (except that norway has a 20kr coin and some of the coins have holes in them – the signs are yellow in norway and green in sweden). Norway is tall (north to south) and Sweden is also tall north to south. Sweden has moutains and trees, Noway has larger mountains and trees !! Swedes ski, Norwegians ski. Swedes like fish, Norwgians love fish. I agree with the patriotism though – it is fun to be patriotic in Norway. Also a point on religion, Norway seems a little bit more Christian (openly) while swedes are a bit less by comparison.

    Language wise too I find its very similar. Norwegians speak norwegian, but I can speak swedish and they more or less understand what Im saying (and I speak bad swedish !!).

    Really I love both countries and am happy that I have gotten to know them so well.

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